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Why should you use X-ray / CT Imaging Services?

Industrial X-ray Imaging Technology is now more accessible than ever. Industrial X-ray Imaging is no longer a tool only useful for a small handful of applications. The increased capabilities of…

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Open during COVID19
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Productivity During COVID-19

First and foremost, Avonix Imaging’s thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by COVID-19, as well as for our health-care workers, first responders and leaders making life-critical decisions in…

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Avonix Imaging to Attend Two Large Industry Trade Shows

The annual ASNT Conference & MD&M Minneapolis are on the agenda for next week. The American Society for Nondestructive (ASNT) Annual Conference begins Sunday evening October 28th in Houston, Texas….

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See the Inside of a Major League Baseball

In honor of Major League Baseball’s 2018 season… At Avonix Imaging we thought it would be interesting to explore what’s inside of a baseball by using a CT x-ray. Lucky…

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Aspen Research Case Study – Using CT Inspection Data

 Computed Tomography (CT) Provides Non-destructive Data… Image Source: Aspen Research We’d like to share a blog one of our customers, Aspen Research Corporation, recently posted about how computed tomography (CT) inspection assisted in discovering an…

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Metrology: How To Measure Complex Geometries

Take a CPAP mask for example – it seems pretty basic in appearance…  However, when it comes to assessing a CPAP mask from a measurement perspective – it proves to be very complex. In metrology, traditional measurement tools such as CMMs and Laser Scanners, are…

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Take a Look: Our New M2 225/450

Avonix Imaging is proud to announce our new M2 225/450 large envelope inspection system is now available for contract X-ray and CT inspection services! Located in our Maple Grove, Minnesota…

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Inside Fireworks with Computed Tomography

At Avonix Imaging we are an inquisitive group! Therefore…we think it’s “a blast” (pun intended) to use our super cool computed tomography equipment to really see what makes stuff tick….

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Contract Inspection

In any industry, being unable to find a failure in materials, products, or components can be frustrating and costly. You lose valuable time and dollars testing the part again and…

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