Aspen Research Case Study – Using CT Inspection Data

March 21, 2018 | ,

 Computed Tomography (CT) Provides Non-destructive Data…figure 4 image

Image Source: Aspen Research

We’d like to share a blog one of our customers, Aspen Research Corporation, recently posted about how computed tomography (CT) inspection assisted in discovering an issue for one of their clients. This case study indicates other methods of inspection didn’t show what the problem with the object was – but computed tomography imaging did. Please note, the data used for this case study was acquired in association with Avonix Imaging’s advanced CT scanning services. The Aspen Research Blog/Case Study was written by Joel F. Flumerfelt, Ph.D., Metallurgist, Aspen Research, Maple Grove, Minnesota. 

Aspen Research Laboratories is a contract research organization that is known for superior understanding of materials science, engineering, and analytical testing. Their team of scientists collaborates with pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturers, single use suppliers, packaging companies, and many other industries to solve challenges and expedite product development.  

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