VOXLS 40 C 450

The First of a New Generation of Nikon X-ray CT Scanning Systems

Versatile Large-Envelope X-ray and CT System

Nikon’s versatile, large-envelope X-ray and CT systems can inspect items of diverse size and density, internally and externally, enabling them to perform virtually limitless tasks within industry, inspection bureaux and academia.

The VOXLS 40 C 450 large-envelope system combines metrology grade, granite-based manipulator construction with a large scanning volume, multi-source flexibility, dual detector functionality and an extensive range of CT acquisition modes, enabling it to excel in any inspection environment, from R&D labs to the shop floor.

The VOXLS 40 C 450 CT scanning system is perfect for:

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Failure Analysis

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First Article Inspection

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Quality Control

Nikon VOXLS 40 C 450 X-ray CT Scanning System

Unique glass safety door to eliminate shortcomings of a light curtain and provide full system interior visibility for sample positioning.

Integrated x-ray on warning lights.

User friendly touch screen controls.

Single piece cabinet for faster and easier transportation, on-site installation and future relocation, if desired.

Large, ergonomic desk to provide comfort for all operators. 

Fast bi-parting inner doors which open / close in just 6 seconds.

The Features:

  • Extra-large inspection envelope.
  • Automation ready.
  • Dual microfocus X-ray sources, including the 225 kV and 450 kV sources using Nikon's innovative rotating technology.
  • Ergonomically designed metrology-grade manipulator.
  • Easy setup or relocation with intuitive Nikon Automation OPC UA Interface.
  • Increased measurement volume, resolution, and image quality.
  • Advanced 3D visualization and analysis.
  • Granite base and steel towers for accuracy and repeatability.
  • Industry-leading, flat panel detectors with horizontal shift and Nikon-exclusive CLDA (Curved Linear Diode Array).

 "Based on proven features and technologies, the 40 C 450 is an exceptionally versatile, microfocus solution that has been introduced in response to market trends and feedback from users over the last few years."

- Dr Andrew Mathers, IMBU X-ray and CT Product Manager.

The Technical Specifications:

  • Sources
    • Microfocus ranging from 180kV to 450kV
  • Detectors
    • Range of performance flat panel detectors
    • Nikon CLDA
  • Precision Granite Base Manipulator
    • 7 Axes
    • Max. Scan Volume: 800mm (Ø) x 1415mm (H)
    • Max. FID: 1520mm
    • Max. Sample Mass: 275kg
The internals of a Nikon VOXLS 40 C 450 X-ray CT scanning system

Maximum capacity of 275kg

Dual source capable

Granite base for superior accuracy and repeatability

Dual Detector capable (DDA and CLDA)

Steel towers for enhanced rigidity and stability

Maximum capacity in a single-piece cabinet system

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Industries Served


The aerospace industry requires an extremely high level of product reliability with zero tolerance for failure.
Spacecraft In The Rays Of Sun
Industries Served


The automotive industry is looking for value and cost-savings, and product failures can be both expensive to remedy and damaging to the manufacturer’s reputation.
Automotive Failure Analysis Scanning Services
Industries Served


With battery-powered devices making their way in every facet of our lives, the margin for error and faulty products is smaller than ever.
A GP Super AA battery
Industries Served


The most common type of casting anomaly is porosity, whether individual pores or a shrinkage porosity condition.
Iron molten metal pouring in sand mold
Industries Served


Use of composite materials is becoming more commonplace in todays manufacturing environment as manufactures are looking at stronger and lighter weight alternatives to traditional metallic components.
X-Ray Scanning for Failure Analysis
Industries Served

Electrical Components

The electronics industry is typically driven by miniaturization. Electronic components are getting smaller and smaller and this presents new challenges to the manufacturing processes that are used.
Electronics Failure Scanning Inspection
Industries Served

Forensics and Legal

Forensic engineering is the investigation of products and components that fail or do not operate as designed.
Product Liability Inspection Scanning
Industries Served


Additive Manufacturing is a growing tool helping to drive product innovation in today’s advanced manufacturing companies.
Additive Manufacturing Failure Analysis
Industries Served

Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing presents challenges due to the critical nature of the product and the drive in the industry to miniaturize the products while added additional complexity.
close up of a pacemaker in a hospital
Industries Served

Military and Defense

There is no room for error when it comes to our military's defense and safety.
F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Plane firing missile
Industries Served

Oil & Gas

From core sample research to the integrity of critical drilling components, the Oil and Gas industry utilizes Industrial X-ray and CT Imaging to study new methods as well as increase efficiency.
An oil pump at sun down
Industries Served

University & Research

Scientific research presents a multitude of opportunities to use 2D x-ray imaging (DR) and Computed Tomography (CT) technologies.