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The aerospace industry requires an extremely high level of product reliability with zero tolerance for failure.
Spacecraft In The Rays Of Sun
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The automotive industry is looking for value and cost-savings, and product failures can be both expensive to remedy and damaging to the manufacturer’s reputation.
Automotive Failure Analysis Scanning Services
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With battery-powered devices making their way in every facet of our lives, the margin for error and faulty products is smaller than ever.
A GP Super AA battery
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The most common type of casting anomaly is porosity, whether individual pores or a shrinkage porosity condition.
Iron molten metal pouring in sand mold
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Use of composite materials is becoming more commonplace in todays manufacturing environment as manufactures are looking at stronger and lighter weight alternatives to traditional metallic components.
X-Ray Scanning for Failure Analysis
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The electronics industry is typically driven by miniaturization. Electronic components are getting smaller and smaller and this presents new challenges to the manufacturing processes that are used.
Electronics Failure Scanning Inspection
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Forensics & Legal

Forensic engineering is the investigation of products and components that fail or do not operate as designed.
Product Liability Inspection Scanning
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General Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is a growing tool helping to drive product innovation in today’s advanced manufacturing companies.
Additive Manufacturing Failure Analysis
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Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing presents challenges due to the critical nature of the product and the drive in the industry to miniaturize the products while added additional complexity.
close up of a pacemaker in a hospital
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Military & Defense

There is no room for error when it comes to our military's defense and safety.
F-15 Strike Eagle Fighter Plane firing missile
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Oil & Gas

From core sample research to the integrity of critical drilling components, the Oil and Gas industry utilizes Industrial X-ray and CT Imaging to study new methods as well as increase efficiency.
An oil pump at sun down
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University & Research

Scientific research presents a multitude of opportunities to use 2D x-ray imaging (DR) and Computed Tomography (CT) technologies.


Computed Tomography (CT) is an x-ray methodology that yields 3-dimensional results. A sample is placed on a rotational stage, between the x-ray tube and the detector. The part is then rotated 360 degrees and images are captured at specific intervals, such as every degree or every half degree. 

This series of images is then reconstructed to render the 3-dimensional x-ray model of the part. With CT visualization software, you can then slice through the part in any direction that you need to interrogate the internal configuration of the part. 

READY FOR THE BEST PART? CT is the only way to get 3D views of the inside of a part and the only way to get true dimensional information without cutting it up.

Inconel Turbine Blade Actual Product

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Inconel Turbine Blade Actual Product
Worker courier lifting shipment boxes stacking on pallet.

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Worker courier lifting shipment boxes stacking on pallet.

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Worker courier lifting shipment boxes stacking on pallet.
A see through scan of a titanium turbine blade

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We'll return your parts and deliver a complete analysis based on your needs. Options for data delivery include:

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A see through scan of a titanium turbine blade

Ready to Get Started?

3D CT scan results are easy to share across multiple departments and virtually eliminate interpretation errors. To get started, you can contact us directly by phone or fill out our online form.


For fast and highly cost-effective inspection of ONE part or THOUSANDS, learn more about our 2D Digital Radiography Inspection Services.