Why should you use X-ray / CT Imaging Services?

Inconel Turbine Blade 3D CT Scan
Inconel Turbine Blade CT Scan Using 450kV Microfocus and CLDA

Industrial X-ray Imaging Technology is now more accessible than ever. Industrial X-ray Imaging is no longer a tool only useful for a small handful of applications. The increased capabilities of 3D X-ray Computed Tomography (CT), in particular, can now benefit more companies, more industries, and more products. One of the easiest ways to experience the benefits of Industrial X-ray Technology is by partnering with a high-end X-ray Imaging Services Provider. X-ray Imaging Services provides million-dollar results using the latest technology, in the quickest time, without the capital expenditure.

Avonix Imaging M2 Triple Tube X-ray CT System
Avonix Imaging built M2 Triple Tube 225kV/450kV X-ray/CT System.

Modern Industrial X-ray/CT Systems are designed to push the limits of physics though a highly engineered blend of precise manufacturing, complex electricity management, efficient heat dissipation, and sophisticated software control. The cost of a reputable system regularly surpasses $1 million USD. This is a significant investment and may not be feasible for all organizations or departments. This is one of the areas X-ray Imaging Services Providers can help.

Imaging Services Providers typically charge per scan or per project and can handle anything from one part to tens of thousands of parts. It’s as simple as sending your parts to the Imaging Services Provider, and they scan and then return the parts to you with the X-ray data to meet your requirements.

Avonix Imaging X-ray and CT Lab in Minnesota
Avonix Imaging X-ray and CT Imaging Services Laboratory in Minnesota.
450kV Microfocus X-ray Tube with Rotating Target
450kV Microfocus Tube with Rotating Target built by Nikon.

As with most advancing technologies, X-ray/CT Systems are constantly improving, and manufacturers are frequently adding new features and capabilities to improve scan results. This is where partnering with an X-ray Imaging Services Provider who also designs and manufactures X-ray/CT equipment can be exceptionally beneficial. Working with such a Provider means you will always have access to the latest technology paired with a highly experienced X-ray Technician to provide you with the best scan results possible.

Time savings are becoming increasingly important in modern product development and manufacturing processes. X-ray Imaging Services allows for immediate (as quickly as one day in some cases) access to X-ray technology and expert operators to get you the data you need to keep projects moving. For example, if you are a manufacturer that has

3D CT Scan of Carburetor showing Porosity Analysis
Carburetor 3D CT Scan showing Porosity Analysis

an urgent need to solve a product failure, there may be no faster way to inspect the internals of your product than with X-ray Imaging Services.

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Avonix employees analyzing a 3D CT scan
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