Productivity During COVID-19

First and foremost, Avonix Imaging’s thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by COVID-19, as well as for our health-care workers, first responders and leaders making life-critical decisions in the containment of this virus.

As a business, we remain open and are attentively monitoring the situation.  We are following all recommendations to prevent the spread of this virus and keep our employees and customers safe.

An unprecedented event such as this forces companies to adapt and find new ways to remain productive.  Many companies, including ours, have adopted a work from home policy for those who are able, and adjusted shift schedules to keep operations running while limiting person-to-person exposure.  Additionally, we have implemented protocols for the safe receiving of customer products and have restricted access to our facility to employees and essential visitors only.

Avonix is doing all we can to help companies through this challenging time.  Our adjusted shift schedules allow us to run our systems longer and support those companies needing supplemental scanning services.  We can accommodate many of our customers’ needs via web meetings as a substitute to a physical visit.

If you have limited access to your X-ray/CT equipment due to remote officing, or are facing productivity challenges due to scheduling, Avonix is available to help.  Please call us to talk through options.

As our core values state, we believe that mutual success for our customers, company and employees should be our first priority.  And everyone’s health and safety are paramount in that mutual success.

We are all in this together and tough times provide an opportunity to bring out the best in humanity.  We will find ways to innovate and learn from this, and ultimately, be a stronger community because of it.


Jeff Diehm & Brian Ruether

Open during COVID19
Avonix Open During COVID19 and Ready to Help
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