Take a Look: Our New M2 225/450


Avonix Imaging is proud to announce our new M2 225/450 large envelope inspection system is now available for contract X-ray and CT inspection services!

Located in our Maple Grove, Minnesota office our M2 225/450 is the only system of its kind in the United States that’s available for contract inspection services. We designed it to easily accommodate the wide range of products our clients request we scan. It’s a valuable addition to the array of equipment we utilize in our inspection services division.

In an effort to better meet the needs of our clients Worldwide, we built the M2 225/450 with a granite-based, high-precision, multi-axis manipulator. It’s paired with a Nikon 225kV microfocus X-ray source and a proprietary 450kV microfocus rotating target X-ray source. It features both an area detector as well as Nikon’s proprietary CLDA (curved linear diode array). In addition, it has our two-position detector panel shift option to provide nearly twice the scanning diameter envelope of conventional systems. Our newest M2 is housed in a panelized radiation-shielded enclosure and is equipped for helical scanning so even tall parts can be scanned in just a single pass.

This unique combination of superior manipulator design with both low-power and high-power microfocus X-ray sources from Nikon, means this system is able to scan a full range of products – from small electronics and hardware – to larger and higher density components such as turbine blades, castings, and complex additive manufactured parts.

We are dedicated to continually providing the best equipment possible for our client’s X-ray and CT nondestructive testing needs. For more information about our new M2 225/450, or any Avonix Imaging products or services, please give us a call at 855-228-6649.

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