conform / nonconform contract x-ray inspection services

Conform/nonconform services to save you time

Is your company running out of internal capacity to make judgement calls on product inspection requirements?

Are you manufacturing an extra critical component and want an experienced Level 3 technician to oversee an inspection?

Avonix Imaging can provide Conform/Non-conform determinations on your components.  We have the experience and qualifications it takes to make reliable determinations based on your customer provided inspection criteria or an existing published inspection standard, such as AWS D20.1, SAE AMS 2175 or similar.


The Micro Conform Advantage

Very few companies have the qualifications and experience it takes to perform conform/nonconform services.

Avonix Imaging has over a decade of experience and ASNT Level 2 and Level 3 technicans on staff ready to support you and your business goals. 

Part and Product conformance Testing

An often and easily overlooked piece of the puzzle to an effective quality CT/x-ray inspection is understanding exactly what you’re seeing and interpreting what it means to the performance of the part or product in question. 

We can help you answer the following questions: 

  • Is this scan indication relevant to the specific inspection criteria?
  • Does this part or product as a whole conform to a standardized inspection standard?

The answers to those questions can significantly impact your future successes.  Not knowing the answer or - worse - getting an inaccurate result can lead to delayed timelines or costly recalls.

A scan showing a misalignment of the internal pins in a model train

This Service is Ideal For:

  • Startups who don’t yet have the need or resources for on-site technical x-ray or CT staff.
  • Companies without the internal capacity for these types of judgment calls. 
  • Extra critical components that require a Level 3 to oversee an inspection.
  • Companies with a developed CT and/or x-ray quality control process who need help keeping up with demand during peak times to meet production deadlines, launch windows, and other time constraints.

Sound like you? Leave your scanning needs to Avonix Imaging. 

Fast Turnaround Times

Now is the time to begin! We offer some of the quickest turn times available, with expedited options for applicable projects in as little as one day. Stay ahead of schedule with Avonix by your side.

We Make it Easy 

Working with Avonix is simple. Contact us to schedule a time with one of our NAS 410 certified Level 2 or Level 3 technicians. We'll discuss your product and part compliance testing timelines, needs, and goals before putting together a plan.