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Man inspecting turbine blades on a countertop.
Case Story, Defect Analysis

Automated Turbine Blade Inspections Using AI

Written by David Harman, Ph.D., Simpleware Solution Account Manager with Synopsys in collaboration with Avonix Imaging. Jet engine turbine blades are required to operate in extreme conditions, where operating temperatures…

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Scan of a 3d printed rocket engine
Case Story

3D Printed Rocket Motor | Collaboration with SLM Solutions

Avonix Imaging has been collaborating with SLM Solutions, Quintus Team and others on an inspiring project. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, a couple students from San Diego State University decided…

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Case Story, Inspection Services

Aspen Research Case Study – Using CT Inspection Data

 Computed Tomography (CT) Provides Non-destructive Data… Image Source: Aspen Research We’d like to share a blog one of our customers, Aspen Research Corporation, recently posted about how computed tomography (CT) inspection assisted in discovering an…

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CT Machine Installation at Sandia National Laboratories

We are pleased to announce another successful computed tomography large-envelope system build and installation. Sandia National Laboratories, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, selected the M2 EL (external load) manipulator with Nikon 225kV and 450kV microfocus x-ray sources.  This granite-based system also features dual-detectors including a Varex 1621 DDA and Nikon CLDA along with the 2-position panel-scanning option. …

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Case Story, Defect Analysis, Nikon Metrology

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Saline Lectronics

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Saline Lectronics Nikon Metrology has revolutionized defect analysis for electronic components for one Michigan company. Saline Lectronics is an electronics contract manufacturer, founded in 2002 and…

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Case Story, Nikon Metrology, X-ray Industry News

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Mindarika

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Mindarika For needed improvements in their quality assurance department, award-winning Mindarika turned to Nikon Metrology for computed tomography (CT) capabilities. Mindarika, India’s largest four-wheeler automotive switch…

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