CT Machine Installation at Sandia National Laboratories

We are pleased to announce another successful computed tomography large-envelope system build and installation.

computed tomography; CT system

Sandia National Laboratories, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, selected the M2 EL (external load) manipulator with Nikon 225kV and 450kV microfocus x-ray sources.  This granite-based system also features dual-detectors including a Varex 1621 DDA and Nikon CLDA along with the 2-position panel-scanning option.  The computed tomography system is housed in an Avonix Imaging panelized radiation-shielded enclosure.  

Sandia had very complex computed tomography (CT) application requirements and searched for a system solution to meet their unique needs.  After evaluating other systems in the marketplace, they determined the M2 EL 225/450 was the ideal choice for them.  

The computed tomography images that were produced on this Nikon Metrology/Avonix Imaging system were of higher quality than anything we had seen in the industry, and this was critical to the success of this project,” states Enrico Quintana, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories. “Sandia is excited to be able to expand our capabilities with this new Nikon/Avonix M2 Large-Format CT system.  The dual 225kV/450kV microfocus will provide insight into phenomena we have never seen before.  It will dramatically increase our ability to run our models utilizing data representations of real-world configurations that were acquired with this new machine.” 

Our entire team at Avonix Imaging enjoyed working with the staff at Sandia National Laboratories and being a part of this impressive build and install. “We were proud to be involved with a project that was so important to Sandia’s work. We believe that the products we provide are unmatched in the industry and are pleased to see that Sandia feels the same way.  As Enriqo indicated, the combination of Nikon’s 225kV microfocus x-ray source, with their proprietary 450kV microfocus source provides resolution capabilities that no other system can offer.  Add to that, the unparalleled precision and accuracy of the granite-based Avonix M2 manipulator, and you have a world-class CT system for a world-class client,” shares Jeff Diehm, Managing Director, Avonix Imaging.

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