CT and X-Ray for Forensics and Legal Purposes

Forensic engineering is the investigation of products and components that fail or do not operate as designed.

This field relies on a variety of scientific tools and the technical and scientific expertise of its members to analyze the data generated from these tools to formulate an opinion as to the root cause of the failure. Digital x-ray imaging (DR) has been used in the past and has proven itself to be a valuable tool in assisting these professionals with this effort. In recent years, computed tomography (CT) has become a preferred method of determining the internal state of a component by providing a true 3D view without having to open the product up. If further destructive analysis is required, a CT scan at the onset can be used to memorialize the condition of the part which will provide documentation of its condition prior to physical disassembly.

  • Common uses: failure investigation, memorialize evidence, debris analysis.
  • Common products: electrical products, medical devices, gas controls, valves, automobile components.