X-Ray and CT Electrical Component Scanning

The electronics industry is typically driven by miniaturization. Electronic components are getting smaller and smaller and this presents new challenges to the manufacturing processes that are used.

Failures of solder joints, BGA devices, MEMS and other components can impact the operation of everything from computers, to aircraft, to medical devices and other aerospace, military and defense products. Determining the root cause of these defects can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Digital x-ray and computed tomography (CT) has proven to yield insight into this miniaturized world and can provide a perspective that cannot be found through traditional destructive or nondestructive analysis methods.

  • Common uses: failure analysis, solder joint integrity, BGA and bond-wire quality, component positioning, open and short-circuit conditions, solder voiding
  • Common products: BGA and micro-BGA devices, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, MEMS devices, electromechanical components, switches, relays