CT and X-Ray Inspection for Aerospace Applications

The aerospace industry requires an extremely high level of product reliability with zero tolerance for failure.

Computed Tomography (CT) and digital x-ray technology is widely used to detect anomalies in products in various stages of production, as well as being used as a metrology tool.

Industrial x-ray imaging has been used for decades in the aerospace industry, but advances in digital x-ray and CT technologies have made them industry standards for improving quality and product design, as well as helping to produce the products of the highest reliability.

  • Common uses: failure analysis, defect detection, metrology
  • Common products: weldments, composites, honeycomb, avionics, castings, turbine blades, sensors, brazing


We proudly offer CT scanning services and x-ray imaging equipment to support leaders in the aerospace and aircraft industries. To learn more about how our inspection services can help capture a more accurate picture of your equipment’s internal/external components, contact us today to get started. No matter the size of the component, you can count on our team to deliver a fast, affordable solution that ensures your equipment runs smoothly and safely—no matter what.

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