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CT Machine Installation at Sandia National Laboratories

We are pleased to announce another successful computed tomography large-envelope system build and installation. Sandia National Laboratories, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, selected the M2 EL (external load) manipulator with Nikon 225kV and 450kV microfocus x-ray sources.  This granite-based system also features dual-detectors including a Varex 1621 DDA and Nikon CLDA along with the 2-position panel-scanning option. …

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Nikon Metrology Case Story: Saline Lectronics

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Saline Lectronics Nikon Metrology has revolutionized defect analysis for electronic components for one Michigan company. Saline Lectronics is an electronics contract manufacturer, founded in 2002 and…

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Nikon Metrology Case Story: Mindarika

Nikon Metrology Case Story: Mindarika For needed improvements in their quality assurance department, award-winning Mindarika turned to Nikon Metrology for computed tomography (CT) capabilities. Mindarika, India’s largest four-wheeler automotive switch…

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