Meet Our Newest Employee

“I live by the philosophy that our customers are the reason we exist as a company, and deserve to be treated as such. My responsibility is to maintain their trust and help nurture that relationship.”
Dave Theisen

Dave Theisen has been specializing in the industrial x-ray and maintenance business for nearly 20 years. In 1994,Dave went to work for Park Industries, Inc. in St.Cloud, MN performing welding, machine fabrication and assembly of large stone working saws, CNC routers, edger’s, and polishing equipment. This led to becoming a Field Service Technician and eventually to a Field Service Coordinator/ Customer Service position, where Dave practiced a strong focus on building and maintaining good customer relations. After graduating from St. Cloud Community and Technical College in 2011 with a degree in Industrial Electronics/Mechatronics, Dave joined North Star Imaging (NSI) in 2011 as a Field Service Technician who focused on installation, repair, and preventative maintenance of industrial x-ray equipment. He also provided customer service phone support when in the office while having the strong ability to troubleshoot complex electrical and system performance issues. Dave has a strong belief in a “Customer” focused service experience.

Welcome to the Avonix team, Dave!

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