Avonix Featured in NDE 4.0 Podcast

July 19, 2022 |

Ben Connors was recently a guest on Floodlight Software’s NDE 4.0 Podcast discussing “Getting to Zero Defects in Parts Manufacturing!”


From Floodlight:

In this episode of our “5 Questions for an NDE 4.0 Expert”, Ben Connors shares the latest advancements in CT scanning and we discuss the long-term benefits of using test results to make real-time manufacturing process improvements. This discussion gets to the heart of our top priorities in the NDT industry: removing defects in order to ensure safe and correct operation of industrial assets and infrastructure. We explore both the long-term benefits and the challenges to industry adoption. If you work in the field of manufacturing parts for industrial assets, this episode is a must-hear!


Click the link below to listen to the episode!



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