Avonix Expected To Become Subsidiary of Nikon Americas Inc.

April 26, 2023 |

Two leading companies in the Industrial X-ray and CT market have agreed to further their collaboration in providing innovative X-ray and CT Systems and services.

Nikon Americas Inc. (Ryota Satake, Director & President, “NAI”), a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation (“Nikon”), has executed an equity purchase agreement with Avonix Imaging, LLC (Jeffrey Diehm and Brian Ruether, Co-Managing Directors, “Avonix”), which will make Avonix a subsidiary of NAI, subject to applicable regulatory clearances and other customary closing conditions.

The two organizations have worked together since 2015 to bring to market highly configurable X-ray and CT Systems for companies needing nondestructive inspection of their products.  The unique strengths of each company complement the other seamlessly to deliver X-ray solutions tailored to customers’ specific inspection needs.

“Nikon’s proprietary rotating target x-ray sources and proven software combined with our expertise in the design of configurable systems, controls, and product handling create a customized experience for our clients, which can contribute to their efficiency and profitability,” says Brian Ruether of Avonix.

Together, the companies will further advance the development of new products while enhancing their capabilities to support businesses in innovative industries, such as automotive, medical device, and aerospace.

The historical collaboration between Nikon and Avonix has been rooted in the goal of mutual success for all involved, including partners, vendors and, of course, their customers.  It is no coincidence that the goal of mutual success is at the heart of Avonix’s ACE Core Values.

Jeff Diehm of Avonix said, “We have worked extremely hard to truly live out our ACE Core Values.  Every decision and action we take has been rooted in the mutual success of those involved.  This agreement helps solidify and celebrate Avonix’s values, both now and going forward as we continue to provide what we believe are the most capable X-ray and CT equipment and services available!”

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