The Newest Avonix Industrial X-ray System

June 11, 2013 |

In order to meet the ongoing growth of their business, Avonix Imaging has recently accepted delivery of a new Nikon Metrology XT V 160 Digital X-ray Imaging System.  The XT V 160 is a vertically-configured electronics-oriented 2D x-ray system, specifically designed to provide high-magnification oblique-angle x-ray images for printed circuit board assemblies.  With a 160 kV, 1 micron through-tranmission x-ray source and a digital flat-panel detector, the XT V 160 can achieve geometric magnification levels of up to 2,400x, while acquiring a single composite x-ray image of an assembly of up to 16″ x 16″ in size.  It can also be programmed for high-volume inspection of electronics or other small components such as castings, switches or plastics.  This compact realtime x-ray system is the perfect tool for digital 2D x-ray imaging for failure analysis, forensic investigation and production scanning.  It joins Avonix’s other systems to provide unparalleled Industrial x-ray and CT scanning services capabilities.

Please visit our website at: for more information on the XT V 160 and to download a brochure.

Nikon Metrology XT V 160 Digital X-ray Imaging System
Nikon Metrology XT V 160 Digital X-ray Imaging System
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